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Account FAQs

Your XT account explained

Here’s what you need to know about your XT account, based on the most common questions.

How do I get an account on XT?
To create an account click on JOIN and choose an XT Membership, then you’ll be able to set a username and password at checkout.
How long does my membership last for?
LITE x 1Month, PRO x 3 Months, PRIME x 1 Year, TIMELESS x Lifetime. You will receive an email when you need to renew or when the policies change.
What do I get with this membership?
You will have unlimited access to all restricted content (Premium) on this site. You also get access to the members dashboard, discounts, handy list with all the premium assets with direct download, access to the requests form and also an invitation to an exclusive Telegram chat for members.
How can I pay for my membership?
Currently you can pay through PayPal and any credit or debit card